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United Nations plans to catch terror sponsors such as Tony Abi Saab of Brescia Middle East of Lebanon

Anti-war commission has been shaped to keep a watch over conflict zones.

Long-awaited extradition law in Afghanistan s Parliament might benefit US to convict easily fraudsters

Indicted contract fraudster learnt no lesson from penalty, Tony Abi Saab still sells weapons to terrorists. 

Global NGO calls for cancellation of United Nations contract with convicted Weapons dealer Tony Abi Saab of Brescia Middle East and his Business license

 Convicted weapons dealers should not be allowed to conduct International Business. 

Global Lawyers to work on United Nations proposal on monitoring of terrorist support infrastructure

Global Lawyers attempting to monitor the trouble makers will ensure potential conflicts can be avoided.

The free agents of terror networks are doing business with the USA

How illegal grey arms front end companies are doing and profiting while doing business with the US Army.

United Nations should form a Global Task force to trace weapons entering into global hotspot

Proposed task force to monitor weapons and shipments across the world to stop illegal weapon sales.

Lebanese company Brescia Middle East is defrauding the US of Millions to finance a global terrorist agenda

Tony Abi Saab, president of Lebanese company Brescia Middle East (BME) misleads US Army to funnel money to terror organizations.

Innocent people are the main victims of illicit arms trade happening in the Middle East

Warfare and armed conflicts are increasingly being fought in the Middle East countries. It has brought the war closer to people. Thus making the pattern of modern warfare to change. People like Tony Abi Saab is helping terror groups to change the pattern of warfare by supplying arms and weapons in great quantity.

The Saabs are using their network to ship arms and weapons to the Middle East and Afghanistan

The Middle East is the hotspot of violence and conflict. One of the reasons for the chaos in Syria, Iran, Libya, and Afghanistan is dirty business of private contractors and arms dealers.

Corrupt businessmen are wiring money to bank accounts of shell companies

Digitalization is supposed to have more pros than cons, but due to rampant corruption and extremist ideology, the digital world has become a dangerous place to live in. Now people like Tony Abi Saab who support terrorism for profit do arms dealing business and get money transferred into their accounts from the far-away countries. Commencement of net-banking has made illegal transactions and money laundering easier.