March, 07 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Tony’s business license is legal in the Middle East and Europe but invalid in the US

Why local governments are denying Tony as a fraudster and a war criminal?

People of Syria, Afghanistan, and Iran have suffered a lot since terrorists invaded in their countries, now it’s time to give them relief by finding a permanent solution of terrorism, and root out each and every aspect which is promoting it.

The US military men are fighting bravely with the terrorists in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan and they have left no stone unturned to knock the opponent down, still every year new rebel groups are born to battle against the military forces, how? One of the reasons is the corrupt people who are playing a vital role in the background of the battlefield.

Tony Abi Saab is one such person who has been supporting the terrorists by supplying them hi-tech weapons. His arms and military accessories company, Brescia Middle East launders the crime money it obtains from the rebel groups. Tony’s greed for wealth has overpowered his humanity and he is putting thousands of lives in danger by equipping terrorists with deadly weapons.

BME imports weapons to Lebanon from Italian firms—Beretta and Tanfoglio to reroute to the terrorists in Syria. His shell company Brixia produced spare parts for weapons and sold them to the black market of Syria. Another company of Tony, Tanfoglio purchased weapons commercially to later illegally sell them to the terrorists for hefty tax-free profits. BME sold Tanfoglio pistols to the LG despite knowing some of the components may have been manufactured in Israel, thereby, violating Lebanese laws. Tony managed an easy export and import of contraband weapons due to his strong relationship with some of the liaison officers in Italy.

Tony’s companies are banned for doing business in the United States but he still bid for military contracts through shell companies. Brescia Middle East is active in the Middle East and Europe as the governments there have not yet listed him as a war-monger or fraudster, probably because of his big name and dominance.

Chief Editor