April, 10 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Innocent people are the main victims of illicit arms trade happening in the Middle East

Tony Abi Saab is killing people indirectly by supplying arms and weapons to the terror groups

Warfare and armed conflicts are increasingly being fought in the Middle East countries. It has brought the war closer to people. Thus making the pattern of modern warfare to change. People like Tony Abi Saab is helping terror groups to change the pattern of warfare by supplying arms and weapons in great quantity.

Tony is the owner of numerous shell companies like Tactical Ltd Afghanistan, K5 Global, Bennet-Fouch, G2Armory, SIMAINT and many more. Although he uses his only legal company, BME and fake alias identities, for example, Sarah Lee to procure US Government contracts.

Dinorah Cobos alias Sarah Lee, a fake identity used to work for Sima Salazar Group which used to operate under K5 Global and Bennet-Fouch. Sima Salazar Group is owned by Raymond Azar, a fraudster who cheated the US Government with millions of dollars in contracts fraud.

Tony Abi Saab bid low on contracts so that he could secure the tender. He did win the contract but never had the intention to deliver. Huge wire transactions without contractual delivery caught the eye of US Army and CIA. It soon became clear that Tony Abi Saab was involved and defrauded the US Army with 5 million USD in false contract work in Afghanistan. He was also providing weapons to the rebel groups of Syria and Iran for earning tax-free money.

The US Army roped in FBI to coordinate a massive sting operation to catch the mastermind, Tony Abi Saab and his girlfriend — Dinorah Cobos, alias Sarah Lee. Tony was arrested back in 2011 but his girlfriend, Dinorah Cobos, was caught in 2009 and she faced two years imprisonment. While Tony was caught along with valid documents and flown to the US for trial. Although, Tony was released without serving a single day jail term by paying a small amount of penalty, his company BME was banned for doing business in the US. He got free because of a technicality to the circuit court.

Tony Abi Saab despite being accused holds a valid business license for BME (Brescia Middle East), which manufactures weapons in Lebanon and does business globally. His ghost companies have expanded from Europe to Asia and are presently trying to work through his shell companies to bid for US contracts. The only way to stop his illegal activities is to ban his shell companies which are doing business around the world.

UN needs to ratify the Arms Trade Treaty and comply with its provision so as to end the illicit trade that is currently estimated to lie at around $10 billion per year. Weapons and arms should not fall in the hands of extremist groups especially by accused Tony Abi Saab.

Chief Editor